The American Cancer Society recommends that women at high risk should get a Breast MRI and a mammogram every year. In addition, women at moderately increased risk should talk with their doctors about adding a Breast MRI to their yearly screening program.
10/28/2016 Sandra O'Neal Institute Quarterly Newsletter
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Breast MRI is the recommended type of screening for patients with an elevated risk of developing breast cancer.  Read More
PEM produces the highest levels of sensitivity and specificity in differentiating cancer cells from other tissues.
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Sandra O'Neal Institute is changing the perception of diagnostic testing through excellence in Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), PEM (Positron Emission Mammography), ultrasounds, and biopsies. Sandra O'Neal Institute is on a mission to be the preferred provider and is committed to advancing the fight against breast cancer.

In addition to our ICANL accredited PEM facility, Sandra O'Neal Institute has partnered with Preferred Imaging's nine ACR accredited facilities to accommodate patients from all corners of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  We also have an Amarillo location.   Each center utilizes a high-field magnet with a specialized breast coil to ensure quality care while screening, monitoring, and treating breast cancer.

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