Survivor Perspectives

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Christina Applegate: Why she had a double mastectomy
Actress Christina Applegate opens up about her battle with cancer and her radical decision to remove both breasts. The Oprah Winfrey Show

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Pat and the Bulldozer - A Breast Cancer Survivor Story
How a Second Opinion Saved Her Life

By Pam Stephan, : Updated: October 13, 2008

Pat's story proves that vigilance and persistence pays off. Like another survivor, Herb Wagner, Pat was told that although she had an easily discernible lump, there was nothing wrong. Both Pat and Herb consulted other doctors for a second opinion, that turned out to be life-changing and life-saving! I admire Pat for keeping good health records, and remembering to take her mammogram images along with her - a vital part of getting a clear comparison with newer images. Kudos to Pat for being pro-active and asking lots of good questions of her doctors. Read more about Pat's story...

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