Why Breast Ultrasound?

This is a painless, noninvasive study which utilizes sound waves to look at breast tissue.  Ultrasound gives different information than does mammography or MRI.  Ultrasound is commonly used as a way to identify lesions detected on other studies such as mammography and MRI.

A breast ultrasound cannot replace a mammogram or a breast MRI.  It is a complimentary test.

It is performed in a comfortable, quiet room with low levels of lighting.  A flat probe is moved across the breast over a sterile gel which enhances the sound waves. 

At the Sandra O'Neil Breast Center, an explanation regarding every breast ultrasound is given by a physician who often will perform all or parts of the study herself.

What is Ultrasound guided core biopsy?

This is a simple, minimally invasive procedure.

The skin is cleansed with sterile sap.  Local anesthesia is placed under the skin.  only a few seconds of pain is involved.  Additionally , anesthetic is placed deep into the tissues, and out the area of concern.  Usually, the anesthesia in the breast lasts hours into the evening.

A small skin incision is made and needle is placed adjacent to the area of concern and three to foru sequential biopsies are performed.

A post biopsy titanium marker is placed at the site.  the marker is placed to prevent the same lesion from being biopsied more than one time in the even that it is benign and , in the event that it needs to be surgically removed, the marker will guide the surgeon in removal of the exact lesion.

Small Band-Aids, called Steri-Strips, are placed over the incision and a sterile dressing is placed.

The Steri-Strips fall off in 4 to 5 days.  The site is to be left completely dry for 24 hours and then, it can be washed in the shower with soap and water. 



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